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Harraton Court Stables is located in the village of Exning, less than three miles northeast of Newmarket. Built during the 1880s by John George Lambton, the third Earl of Durham. The stables are grade II listed, an imposing example of late-Victorian equestrian architecture. 

Originally built as a private residence, Harraton House was a large building with landscaped gardens and meandering paths which lead to the stables.

Harraton House Stables 1904
Harraton House Stables 1904, Colourised


Trainer Darryll Holland
Trainer Darryll Holland


Darryll is a prodigious talent, with an unrelenting drive to achieve success in the sport of horse racing. As a former Multi International Group 1 winning jockey, he has tasted the sweet nectar of victory on many occasions, and now sets his sights on conquering the world of racehorse training.

In 2021, Darryll took the plunge and obtained his trainer’s license, embarking on a new journey to establish himself as a top-notch trainer. In his debut season, he demonstrated his prowess by training 11 winners from a limited number of horses. In his first full season 2022, the tally was 17 and in 2023 Darryll trained 24 winners from a small team of horses.

With a good string of horses and a good bunch of good looking 2 year olds 2024 looks to be an exciting year for Harraton Court Stables.

Undoubtedly, Darryll’s ultimate goal is to replicate his success as a jockey by training horses to compete at the highest level, vying for victory in Group races. Darryll has shown remarkable acumen in assessing the potential of each horse under his care, grading them accordingly to their abilities, and optimising their performance in races. His exceptional strike rate of wins from runs serves as a testament to his astute training methodologies.

Darryll’s success thus far can be attributed to his ability to derive the best out of each horse, regardless of their purchase price. The majority of his winners to date have come from a modest selection of cheaper horses, but Darryll has been able to instill in them a winning mentality that belies their price tag. With his unwavering commitment to his charges and his unyielding work ethic, Darryll has proven to be a master at unlocking the hidden potential of every horse under his tutelage.

As he builds his stable, Darryll remains confident that he will know when he has the next level of horse to train, and he is eagerly anticipating the day when he will target the bigger races. With a current roster of 35 horses, and more orders in the pipeline to purchase from the breeze up sales, Darryll’s ambitions are firmly set on training horses to compete and win at the highest level. His unwavering dedication to his craft, combined with his innate ability to spot a winner, will undoubtedly see him realise his dream of being a top trainer in the sport of horse racing.

Darryll as a jockey

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As a racehorse owner with Harraton Court Stables you are a part of something remarkable, an opportunity to enjoy direct contact with Darryll Holland, a renowned jockey/trainer, and a chance to stand alongside your horse in the winner’s enclosure. You can expect an experience like no other, safe in the knowledge that you have the best chance of success. Alongside, meeting with other racehorse enthusiasts, business people, and professionals who all share a passion for the industry. Enhancing and combining a passion for racehorses and business. 

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