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Terms & Conditions 2024

Shares with Harraton Court Stables Horses in Training with Darryll Holland

1.   Each horse will be either owed entirely by and registered in the name of Harraton Court Stables or in                             a partnership name that Harraton Court Stables decide, therefore the horses may run under Harraton Court Stables colours or colours of a Harraton Court Stables syndicate or partnership.


2. The benefits of shared membership include the following:-

   (a) An involvement in the racing and training of the shared/leased horse

   (b) Prize money 

(c) Regular information received via email or WhatsApp group or through the stable’s Website providing                              the progress of training of the shared horse

(d) Stable visits

(e).         Owners badges to watch your horse run

3:  (a) Payments can be made through the website or via bank transfer 

Once the first payment or payment is made in full, it is understood you have read and agree to the terms and conditions.

 (b) If the monthly payments are not paid on the due date, this shall result in immediate cancellation of any share holdings, prize money or re-sale of the horse.

4: The shares are fixed for the current year that the initial payment is made unless otherwise stated. Harraton Court Stables has the right to make the final decision on accepting or declining any offer made to any of the Harraton Court Stables horses. If the horse has ownership shareholders, the shareholders will be paid their percentage minus any sale costs. If a horse is sold that is leased by a shareholder, a replacement horse at the discretion of Harraton Court Stables will take that place. If it is deemed a horse is no longer suitable for racing it is by discretion of the trainer whether the horse will be sold by a private sale, public auction, or retired/re-homed. 

In the case of any non lease horse sold privately or by public auction, Harraton Court Stables will take 5% agent fee and sale expenses.

In the event of a horse being either injured or retired, or no longer able to race, there will be no refund.

Harraton Court Stable horses are NOT insured and in the event of a fatality no payments will be made.

5: Prize money will be calculated at the end of the year, any BHA payments deducted such as percentages to Jockey’s, Trainers, stable staff will be deducted automatically . Prize money will paid to shareholders for the first three placings in any race to the value of the share held. If a shareholder joins part way during the season, any prize money will be paid for those months only after the first payment is made. On payment of prize money a reasonable amount will be deducted for administration costs.

6: Owners badges will be issued fairly and balloted if necessary. 

Where there is a WhatsApp group in place for a horse, we ask that you do not share or forward messages on. These are in place for you to enjoy photos of your horse and details of entries and race dates. If anyone is found to be abusive of any jockey or training method of any of the Harraton Court Stables horses they will be removed from the group.

All share, syndicate, lease horses shall remain the property of Harraton Court Stables, unless a separate agreement is given in writing. 

These Terms and Conditions cover all shares up to and including 10%. Shares of 11% or above will have a Trainers agreement contract.