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Ownership Opportunities

Discover the world of horse racing at Harraton Court Stables with our flexible ownership options. Whether you prefer Syndicate Membership with shared costs, Full Ownership for complete control, or Part Ownership for a cost-effective approach, we have something for everyone. Join us and experience the thrill of the races as we tailor our services to meet your individual needs. Get in touch today to discuss your ownership preferences and embark on an exciting journey in the world of horse racing!

Syndicate Membership

An ideal opportunity to get involved in racing

With fixed and manageable costs. Syndicate shares can range from 1% per share to 10% per share which significantly reduces the monthly costs making it affordable to more people.
As a result, people often purchase syndicate memberships to allow them to spread their enjoyment across a number of different horses.
The key differences with a syndicate are that your name would not appear in the racecard as the owner’s name would be the syndicate name. If you owned a 10% share you would normally still be able to get Owners and Trainers badges for the races, however, if your shareholding is below 10% then you would usually be entered into a ballot to ensure that badges are distributed fairly.
A great and fun way to get involved in horse racing, the beauty of being a syndicate member is that you can celebrate the victories with you fellow syndicate members.

Full Ownership

Suitable for existing or new owners

It involves an initial purchase cost to acquire the horse followed by monthly training fees, gallop fees, transport to the races and additional costs such as farrier, vets and dental work.
The benefits are significant as if you purchase an unnamed horse, you can choose your own name for it, it can run in your own racing colours and you will get your name in the racecard along with 6 owner’s badges which include access to the parade ring and the Owners and Trainers suite whenever your horse runs.
You will also receive 100% of the owner’s share of the prize money when your horse wins or places and all funds minus sales fees if you decide to sell your horse at any point.
Owners are always welcome at Harraton Court Stables, there is nothing better than watching your horse powering up the gallops!
If you need any help or advice to understand if full ownership is for you, then please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss your requirements and budget in greater detail.

Tom Dervish
Tom, our business partner, at Tattersalls sale 2023
Harraton Court Stables 2023
Harraton Court Stables 2023

Part Ownership

A fun but also cost effective way of owning a racehorse

Part ownership has many of the benefits of full ownership, at a reduced cost, which can be ideally suited to new and existing racehorse owners.
Part ownership could typically be 25% of an individual horse. Some owners decide to have 3 or 4 part shares rather than a full horse as it increases their number of runners and involvement throughout the season.
You still benefit from having your name in the racecard alongside your fellow owners. Racing colours and names for unnamed horses need to be agreed between owners and the owner’s badges are shared amongst the owners who can attend.
Whilst costs are shared, so is any prize money and the proceeds of any sales if the partners decide to sell the horse.
We can assure you if your horse wins, the thrill and enjoyment is exactly the same regardless of if you own 100% or 25% of the horse. If you require any help or advice on which ownership option best suits your requirements and budget, then please get in touch.

Tom Dervish

Tom Dervish

Harraton Court Stables Partner


About Us

Harraton Court Stables is located in the village of Exning, less than three miles northeast of Newmarket. Built during the 1880s by John George Lambton, the third Earl of Durham. The stables are grade II listed, an imposing example of late-Victorian equestrian architecture. 

Originally built as a private residence, Harraton House was a large building with landscaped gardens and meandering paths which lead to the stables. 

Harraton House Stables 1904
Harraton House Stables 1904, Colourised